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The 2011 Greater NYC Academia-Biopharma Academia-Biopharma Industry Partnership Forum was successfully held on May 20th at Alexandria Center for Life Science in New York City. Within three weeks of notice, over 300 professionals from more than 100 different organizations registered for the event. The large number of diverse professionals gathered at at Alexandria Center for Life Science on May 20th and had terrific discussions with 12 distinguished speakers about the opportunities and challenges with academia-biopharma industry collaborations.  We are thrilled by both the overwhelming response from the community and the influx of compliments from the attendees for having a great experience at the meeting. For a detailed summary about the forum,  read more here

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    10/2010   CLSPA Career Symposium 2010 was very successfully hold at Columbia University Medical Center. Over240 attendees from all over Greater New York City area participated the symposium and eleven established speakers shared experiences and insights in various career tracks. Many of the attendees, including both audience and speakers, praised that it was one of the best career symposiums they have attended. More details here

    CLSPA Career Symposium 2010  successfully helded
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    7/2010    CLSPA collaborated with FDASmart in presenting the event "CHINA versus INDIA: Who Will Rule Emerging Pharma". This event featured a one-day seminar for about 40 senior managers from various biopharmaceutical companies on how China and India are the same but different in leading the global pharma shift towards emerging regions. See more details here

    CHINA versus INDIA-Who Will Rule Emerging Pharma
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    10/2010   CLSPA joined in Cypin Production as Industry Partner in presenting  “U.S.-China Pharma™ Innovative Strategies and Partner Conference” chaired by President of Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development, Dr. Mikael Dolsten. The conference will be held on May 23-24th, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA. See more details here

    U.S.-China Pharma Innovative Strategies and Partner Conference
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    11/2010   CLSPA met with delegates of Changsha Bio-Industry National Base (CBIP) from China and discussed potential joint event in New York City to introduce opportunities of talent recruitment, project collaboration, startup and investment at CBIP

    Opportunities at Changsha Bio-Industry National Base
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    1/2011   CLSPA initiated to organizating the 1st GNYC Academia-Biopharma Industry Partnership Forum. Office of Technology and Business Development at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Alexandria Center for Life Science have also joined in later as co-organizers. The event will be hold at Alexandria Center for Life Sciences, New York City on May 20th, 2011. The forum will feature director-level speakers from AstraZeneca, Sanofi-Aventis, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Eli Lily, Regeneron, GenScript, etc biopharmaceutical companies as well as technology transfer officers and faculties from Columbia University, Mount Sinai School of Medicine and other local institutes to explore the opportunities and challenges with academia-biopharma industry partnership and discuss many of the traditional and novel collaboration models.  See more details here

    Academia-BioPharma Industry Partnership Forum launched
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